Basonge/Songye Tribe Mask ~13.0" Tall - African Angel Art

Basonge/Songye Tribe Mask ~13.0" Tall

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Dimensions: H:13.0" W:8.3" L:4.7" Weight: 0.9 lbs.

Songye Kifwebe Mask by the Songye tribe from the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Songye masks known as Kifwebe masks are carved from wood and represent supernatural forces, are worn by men from the Kifwebe society at various ceremonies such as initiation rituals. They use them to ward off disaster or any other threat.

About the Tribe

Songye, are a Bantu ethnic group found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's south-eastern region on the banks of the Lualaba River. The Songye are divided into numerous sub-groups and ruled by a central chief, the Yakitenge. They are well-known for their visual arts, particularly expressive masks for the kifwebe secret society.