Explore the Rich Heritage and Culture of Africa through Its Artistic Statues

The rich heritage and culture of Africa is intricately woven into its artistic statues, which are undoubtedly among the most treasured artifacts of the continent. African art is predominantly characterized by the creation of sculptures, owing to the three-dimensional shape and customizability of this art form. African statues are typically depicted as human figures with serious facial expressions, resulting in art that is often regarded as both uniquely bizarre and beautiful. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of African artistic statues and delve into the cultural significance they hold.


One-of-a-kind African statues to enhance your collection

  • Serpentine stone family

Family and community are important to African culture. Naturally, this is reflected in their art, resulting in heartwarming pieces such as the Shona tribe’s serpentine stone sculpture of a family of four.

Serpentine stone can be found all over Zimbabwe, making it a widely used material for creating local figurines. This stone comes in many colors, such as green, brown, and orange, but black iron serpentine is more commonly used due to its durability and sleek finish.

  • Butter jade bust

The Shona tribe butter jade bust is a beautiful figurine featuring a woman from the community. As a bust, this sculpture ends at the woman’s upper half, allowing the artist to emphasize the face’s details more intricately.

Butter jade, or African jade, is an ancient stone found in the Greenstone region of southern Africa. Unlike serpentine, which is darker and more uniform, this magical stone is widely loved for its creamy yellow color and distinct dark streaks of fossilized algae.

  • Dolomite stone elephant

Humans may be the most common subject of African statues, but they are not the only ones. Many figurines may also depict animals found all over the continent, such as elephants, leopards, and lions.

The Dolomite stone elephant is one example, featuring the head of an elephant made with white marble. It can serve as the perfect centerpiece for your home, adding a touch of tradition and nature to any space.


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