Patson Chivizhe is the third child in a family of six, with a twin sister. He was born on March 17, 1961, in a village called Chivizhe near Chivhu, a small town in Mashonaland West. He attended Mashambanhaka Primary School and Mt Darwin Secondary School while living with his uncle. During his school years, he developed an interest in crafts and drawing. He also took up rugby as a sport. To advance in the arts and crafts, he enrolled at St Faith's High School in Rusape, which was sponsored by a British company and specialised in wood carving, stone carving, and drawing. Initially, he was only interested in wood carving before discovering the joys of stone carving. For exposure and as an incentive, the school advertised in brochures to visiting British travellers who were mainly interested in wood carving to visit the school in order to showcase the art to them and purchase it, and occasionally bringing the students carving tools. After graduating from high school, he moved to Harare, where he struggled to sell his work because he was still a new artist with few buyers. As time passed, Africa became more accessible to other international visitors, particularly Americans, who became more interested in stone carving because of its colouration and texture. Patson had also developed a passion for stone carving at this point, particularly in rapoko stone due to its texture and grain colouration and how easily it can transform into a desired shape. Patson specialises in animal figures, particularly the African “Big Five,” bust figures, human torsos, and creative art.