Zachariah was born in Birchenough Bridge, a small village in Zimbabwe on September 24, 1962. He developed an interest in sculpting while still in school, which was sparked by his uncle, a successful wood sculptor. Due to financial difficulties, Zachariah had to drop out of school at an early age of thirteen. He continued to cultivate and grow his sculpting talent after leaving school for a few years. In his early twenties, he relocated to Harare in search of work. This is where he discovered Canon Paterson Art Centre, where he met other aspiring sculptors and could collaborate to obtain the materials they needed, such as stone and tools, for their work. Soon he began working full-time as a sculptor. Zachariah’s distinctive style of work earned him the attention of both buyers and collectors. His flawless and sometimes amusing work has been exhibited in cities such as Cannes, Spain, Los Angeles, Brussels, London, Brussels, and Zurich.