Luke, Marde I have been acquiring African art from you for over ten years, both here in Los Angeles, and on our amazing trip to South Africa for the Cape Town Jazz Festival that you invited us to.  You have an amazing eye for art, along with amazing prices.  But the best part of getting art from you is YOU!  You are such a lovely man…so easy to deal with.  And your ability to find the best artists from all of the different cultures in Africa is astounding.  You have gotten to know our taste and style, and always point us to pieces that speak to us.  It is an extraordinary gift.  Both Marde and I cherish each piece we have gotten from you, almost as much as we cherish your friendship.  I can’t wait to see you again when they finally open our boarders.  But whether you are here or not, when your next shipload of art arrives, I will be there to add to our collection.