I was born in 1975 in District 6, and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. For as long as I can remember, I was drawing, and it seems that the ability to create images is my gift. I completed a 3-year Graphic Design course where I learnt a great deal about drawing, and developed a better understanding of the importance of light in studying photography. However, the urge to explore the fine artist within myself was overwhelming. I am self-taught and my most important lessons are the ones I learn during the time I spend working at my easel. I work with pencil, chalk or oil and find great enjoyment in all these mediums. My first professional work was completed in 2000. Presently, I specialise in portraiture and find it especially interesting to portray people living simply. I am a simple person with a great reverence for nature and regard being alive and healthy as a blessing. I have a deep passion for art and believe that all of life is art. Therefore, my passion is living and my art is just an extension of who I am. We are all born with unique, individual abilities or gifts, and I will honor mine. It is said that “your life is your canvas….” So, I urge you – let us each create our own masterpiece!