Ngbaka Tribe Knives ~22.8" Tall - Knives

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Dimensions: H:22.8" W:14.2" L:3.5" Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Ngbaka Tribe Mabo Throwing Knives – Ngbaka Mabo throwing knives also known as ndo, were used as battle weapons, status symbols, and currency blades. Their function as badges of office and emblems of dignity appears to have trumped any military use. They served as emblems of authority and prestige in the hands of lineage leaders, hunting chiefs, and religious specialists. The Ngbaka, Mabo, and Mbanja people inhabit the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the north and southwest of Congo and the Central African Republic. Ndo is the local term.


About the Tribe

The Ngbaka or Ngbandi are part of the Adamawa-Ubangi people found in the north-western region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in an area bounded by the Ubangi and Lualaba River systems. Their primary language is Ngbandi, which is part of the Ubangian language family.

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