Shona Tribe Serpentine Stone Crosses  ~7.1" Tall

Shona Tribe Serpentine Stone Crosses ~7.1" Tall

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Dimensions: H:7.1" W:6.3" L:1.4" Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Cross Sculptures in serpentine - These unique cross sculptures carved from serpentine stone will add a touch of African flair to your home decor. Zimbabwean artists are well-known for their stone carvings, and they are among the world's most skilled carvers. For nearly a thousand years, the Shona have been hand sculpting stone into works of art. Although the craft is ancient, the style has evolved over time, and the sculptures created today are both beautiful and elegant. The contemporary yet timeless shape of these sculptures adds opulence to the home and complements any décor.

About the Tribe

The Shona ethnic group is indigenous to Southern Africa, primarily Zimbabwe, but there are significant Shona populations in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique. In Zimbabwe, the Shona people make up most of the population. Stone sculpture and mbira music have made them famous around the world (mbira: an instrument made of a hollow gourd with metal reeds that the player plucks). This tribe is believed to be responsible for the construction of several ancient stone wall sites in Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe, an 800-hectare city that flourished between the 11th and 15th centuries AD, was built on the physical foundation of these walls. Great Zimbabwe, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site was a center for trade, and archaeologists have discovered artifacts on site from as far away as China.

About the Stone

Serpentine Stone - Although this stone can be found all over the world, large deposits of it can be found in Zimbabwe. Serpentine comes in a wide range of colors and hardness, making it an extremely adaptable material. It can range from black, brown, greegreen, even orange or yellow in some cases. Often harder Black Iron Serpentine is used due to iron concentrations present in it. It has a stunning black lustre finish that looks like black opal and is highly sought after for its exquisite finish, durability, and hardness.