Dogon Tribe Bronze Pot - Dogon

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Dimensions: L:31.5in W:11.4in D:11.4in

Dogon Tribe Bronze Pot – The Dogon are known for their rich cultural heritage, intricate artistry, and deep spiritual beliefs. However, The Dogon tribe is not as well detailed as the Benin and Ife tribes in bronze work. Bronze Dogon artwork is very rare. Dogon bronze sculptures often depict various subjects, including ancestral figures, mythological beings, animals, and objects associated with Dogon cosmology and religious rituals. These sculptures serve ceremonial, religious, and aesthetic purposes within Dogon society. These bronze sculptures hold significant cultural and religious importance within Dogon society. They are used in ceremonies, rituals, and as objects of veneration.


About the Tribe

Dogon are an ethnic group from Mali's central plateau region that extends into Burkina Faso. They arrived in the area around the 14th century CE. The majority of them live in the rocky hills, mountains, and plateaus of the Bandiagara Escarpment. The Dogon people are shrouded in mystery due to their knowledge of astronomy that pre-dates modern technology by thousands of years. They have known information about the stars before telescopes were invented. According to them, the Sirius A, which is the brightest star in Earth’s night sky, had a much dimmer companion: Sirius B, which has a fifty-year elliptical orbit around the bright Sirius A and is extremely dense. The Dogon claim that their knowledge of astronomy involves contact with extraterrestrial life dating back to around 3,200 BC.  

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