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Dimensions: L:9.1in W:5.5in D:3.5in

Dan masks are highly regarded in the art world for their aesthetic beauty and cultural significance. These masks are carved from wood and are often characterized by their elongated faces, high foreheads, and sharp, protruding features. They can be adorned with various materials such as animal fur, shells, beads, or raffia to enhance their visual impact. The masks play a central role in Dan cultural ceremonies and rituals, particularly in the context of secret societies. They are used in initiation ceremonies, funerals, harvest festivals, and events related to social and political organization. The masks are believed to embody powerful spiritual entities and are used to communicate with ancestral spirits and deities.

About the Tribe

The Dan tribe, also known as the Gio or Yacouba, is an ethnic group that resides in the western part of Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) and eastern Liberia. The Dan people are known for their unique artistic traditions, particularly their mask-making skills.

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